Oi Ocha

About us

Established in 1987, ITO EN (HAWAII) LLC is a Hawaii corporation and subsidiary of ITO EN, LTD. based in Japan. ITO EN, LTD. is the largest green tea company in Japan, offering a full line of traditional loose leaf teas and convenient premium tea bags for easy and casual enjoyment.
Using innovative technology, ITO EN, LTD. was the first in the world to successfully produce ready-to-drink traditional green tea in cans and also in PET bottles. Healthful and delicious, our beverage line-up also includes a full range of ready-to-drink fruit and vegetable juices and iced coffees. authentically brewed line.

ITO EN (HAWAII) LLC continues to bring healthy and refreshing drinks to the Hawaiian Islands and across the Pacific. Starting with just a few guava and passion fruit drinks, our beverage selections have grown into the Aloha Maid line up of a dozen fruit drinks. Premium green tea and iced coffee drinks and milk teas round out the selections of Hawaii's favorite soft drinks.

Quality ingredients such as cane sugar and tropical fruits go into making our goods, ensuring a standard of taste and quality our customers have come to expect in every sip.

With strong ties to our parent company, ITO EN (HAWAII) LLC also offers the Hawaii market access to current seasonal Japan teas and beverages. Our affiliate company, ITO EN (North America) Inc. markets Asian teas and beverages to the continental U.S. and Hawaii.